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Full Broadcast Ecosystem Tailored for your exclusive needs

Content Management System

Create multiple channels (content playlist) ready to be broadcast.

Multi User Management Support

Terminal / Players Management

Seamlessly schedule your messages broadcast

24/7 Integrated Support Channel

Add-ons and Custom Development On-demand

Integrated Queue Management System

Statistical Broadcast Reports

Product Tour

Full Broadcast Ecosystem Tailored for your exclusive needs
Combining a powerful CMS (Content Management System), the latest DooH (Digital Out Of Home) segmenting and delivery technologies, combined with the speed and viral power of the Internet, will allow you to meet any communication challenge and reach further than you ever thought.
Content Management System
Our integrated CMS allows for the collaborative process among users in an environment where submenus are accessible on a need to access basis.

The content can be obtained directly from the sources, classified, shared, and certified in any kind of message format or shape...not limited to HD Video, Data Driven Content, Media Streaming, Web Cams, or your very own RSS Feeds or In-House Interactive Apps.
Create multiple channels (content playlist) ready to be broadcast.
The channels support rich media formats and an additional + SAP (secondary audio channel) that can be simultaneously presented in each individual terminal.
Multi User Management Support
Can have highly specialized privileges for syndicated tasks through the execution of workflows to create, classify, edit, validate and publish content, or simply manage the network of terminals. Collaborate in real-time and maintain valuable and ongoing direct contact with administration.
Terminal / Players Management
Easily manage, monitor and maintain an unlimited number of connected terminals, displaying your messages regardless of physical/geographical location. Build your own network of screens, regardless of size, and centrally manage all in real time.
Seamlessly schedule your messages broadcast
Easily select your audience and the precise broadcasting time for any or all terminals; segmenting by location, group and or presentation layers on any screen.
24/7 Integrated Support Channel
Notify, prioritize, and follow-up on incidents.

The system has a searchable, troubleshooting data base allowing users to easily identify and resolve any issues.
Add-ons and Custom Development On-demand
Example: Custom built in data driven content as a programable widget to provide real time Rx’s and location data on segmented screens
Connect using any external data, applications, CRM or create your own custom apps and widgets using our ready API web services. We can assign a project manager with the aim of coordinating any specific integration and implementation of new and possible future requirements.
Integrated Queue Management System
Allows for segmentation of services by: order, remote configuration of tickets, logo, names and queue position, promotional coupons, ... Capability to measure quality of service and complete oversight on all connected locations, services offered, # positions, # customers waiting # serviced, waiting times x POS and X Service, and avg completion times.
Statistical Broadcast Reports
Create reports for actual published content
filtered by date, type, location, CPM, frequency...
and generate instant informative reports

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital Signage?

It is an electronic signage using digital displays (LCD, LED, projection) to deliver targeted messages to an audience. It basically requires content and two pieces of hardware: a display/screen and a media player.. There are 2 types of systems:

  • “Local Stand Alone” where the content is being read directly by the player
  • “DooH (Digital Out Of Home)” is a more advanced solution where a software application is used to send the content via the Internet to the displays and usually the users can integrate multiple forms of messages; scrolling rss feed, text, imagery, weather, sport scores, videos, photo sideshows, into the remotely located displays.
What differentiates Micro-broadcasting from other digital signage or DooH software solutions?
  • Provides you with your own centralized web-based content management system and DooH application for you and your users to access 24/7 with all the tools you’ll need to setup and maintain your operation.
  • Allows for advanced audience segmentation (geographical, screen, section of screen, specific times, group, genre, …) and the deployment of interactive content and applications in addition to rich multimedia content.
  • Can be customized for our client specifics needs or custom built.
  • Our Player Firmware ISO can be download and installed without the need of any other software, operating systems or costly hardware requirements.
Does micro-broadcasting support touchscreen capability?

Yes, when interactive content or widgets are being displayed on any touch connected display(s).

What types of content, data, or information can be used?

Photos, videos, presentations, calendar and event schedules…
Additionally, information like: ads, promotions, announcements, current time, local weather, directory, maps, news, social media, sports scores, stocks, and any RSS feeds and or emergency notifications

What kind of content formats are supported?

How the content its displayed?

The player supports the content being displayed in multiple scheduled layers, preserving original content proportions and allowing for multiple screen messages and effects.

What happens if the player’s internet connection is temporarily lost or down?
The color of the internet connection indicator on the screen will become grey but the player will continue to display all previously programed content and messages, external data driven content or widgets, news, live feeds until the connection is fully restored.
Can I see the exact screens that are being reproduced on any of my players in any given remote location?

Yes, you’ll be able to monitor all the players’ status and see each screen exactly as they are being seen by your audience from your micro-broadcasting site.

Are there any pre-made templates to choose from?

Yes, we can provide you access to an Integrated web-based library with thousands of templates upon request at no extra cost.

How are users authenticated and authorized in the IMicro-broadcasting.com web site?

The users log in to the CMS secured site (https://) where a valid username and password (10 alphanumeric characters) will need to be provided.

Depending on the user profile (level of access) and group assignment, users can access a specific set of tools associated with their established role.

What are the hardware requirements to install and run the Micro-broadcasting Player firmware?

Our player firmware is compatible with most Intel based PC’s with at least 2 MB of RAM and 1.10 GHz processor.

We can also provide you our recommended player Accees3 with Micro-broadcasting firmware already pre-installed and ready to use.

What type of Internet connection do the players need?

No special connections are required, any type of Internet connection regardless of the speed will work. Notwithstanding, please note that very slow connections may require additional time to refresh the content.

You can use wired or wireless connection with or without assigned IP, through proxies authenticated or not, without the need of static IP address.

Can I use a “splitter” to connect two or multiple displays?

Yes, you can use any splitter to show the same content on multiple displays with the same resolution.

How can I integrate additional customizations or features to my system?

We provide monthly upgrades and integrate new features to Micro-broadcasting.com from time to time.

However, we can assign a project manager with the aim of coordinating any specific integration requirements and the implementation of new tasks to continue to provide you with future requirements.

Where is Micro-broadcasting.com and my content hosted?

Our network and hosting services are provided by Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, and APIs.

Can I host my own version of Micro-broadcasting management site in my own site?

Yes, if you prefer the system hosted on your premises, we can offer you an on-site sale option. We will install the system for you, but you’ll need to maintain and meet the system requirements.

How do I know if Microbroadcasting is for my business?

If you need to offer multiple messages at different # locations, or at different or specific times or dates, for multiple audiences; and/or need to comply to provide punctual information to customers with assurance that it is being displayed as required;

If you need to keep your content managed online and always available to be shared and distributed.

If you need to display specific interactive applications remotely and/or continue building your network.

Pricing Estimation

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(each player can serve one or multiple displays at one site)

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